My Solutions IT consultants can provide a wide range of services and skills to meet your home, office and business needs.  Our goal is to evaluate your current and future needs and match those to the best possible solutions available, not to sell you the most cutting edge hardware or upgrade your software to the latest versions requiring new licenses and hours of training.  Often times older but tried and true solutions are still the best and most reliable ones!

My Solutions has been operating in Canada and the US since 2001.  Our corporate headquarters is based in Edmonton, Alberta in the historic Ritchie Mill building near Whyte Ave and our US branch office is located in northern Phoenix, Arizona.

Here at My Solutions we promote open source technologies and standards as well as using proprietary solutions.  Open source solutions are our preferred option for many reasons:

  • Cost.  Open source solutions are generally either free or much less expensive than proprietary ones.
  • Owning your own data.  With open standards, you don’t have to worry about being able to access your own data – it isn’t locked into a format that requires a license to be able to access it.  This is especially important when a vendor goes out of business or stops supporting their own storage standards – if the vendor disappears, so does your data!
  • Support, reliability & security.  Open source projects are generally very well supported either by user communities or by for-pay contracts with a company.  Usually bugfixes and security patches are issued very quickly since savvy users of the software can debug and provide fixes themselves as opposed to just company employees.  This means that thousands to millions of dedicated people with a vested interest are putting in time and effort to make solutions better and more robust, as opposed to just a few nine to five employees punching the clock in a cubicle farm.
  • Product longevity.With proprietary software, if a company closes it’s doors or ends support for a product, that’s it.  With open source projects, others can and usually do take up the reins.  Even if a product life ends, support forums and knowledge bases don’t evaporate into nothingness along with the project as they would when a company folds and takes it’s proprietary information down with it.
  • Ease of customization.  With open source, it is very easy to customize a solution to meet your needs.  Often times something isn’t just quite working right for you, doesn’t match your corporate branding or doesn’t quite fit into your business model work-flow.  With proprietary solutions you’re stuck with that.  However with open source all you need to do is add time and expertise to it and voila! things are exactly as you want them.

Thanks for reading about us, and we hope you like what you’ve read!  If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us