Drowning in information?  Swamped trying to keep up with every little detail?  We can help you get organized and streamline your business practices and technology!

Many time and resource wasting bottlenecks in a thriving business can be traced back to inefficient business procedures and a lack of automation to handle bothersome but necessary tasks.  Not every detail needs to be personally handled, and those that do can usually be at least semi-automated and the handling streamlined.

A good example of this is incoming call management.  Does every call coming in really need your personal attention, or can some be safely shunted to voicemail to be dealt with when you have more time?  Does every contact really need to have your personal cell phone number in order to get in touch with you?  There are simple, easy and inexpensive solutions for call management that can be set up in just a few days.  For instance, a virtual toll free or local number to give out to your general contacts instead of your personal number, which can offer voice menus to help route calls.  These virtual numbers can then be set up to call your office phone, home phone or cell phone based on the time of day, the choices the caller makes in the voice menu, and even the incoming caller ID.  As an example, a smart telephone system can recognize the caller ID for your biggest customer and immediately answer their call to let them know the system is trying to find someone to take their call while simultaneously ringing multiple phones until someone picks up and fields the call.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways your business processes and practices might be streamlined.  Secure private corporate instant messaging services for both PCs and mobile devices, organizing company data and procedures in easy to access and searchable formats with different levels of access rights, reaching out to your customer base to keep them informed – there are many ways we can help you leverage technology to keep you on top.