My Solutions IT has worked with inContact for over ten years and we know the platform inside and out!  We offer advanced scripting, user and call management and custom reporting for the inContact’s hosted PBX/call center platform.  We can help you set up your systems or refine and update your existing scripts, call management and reporting tools to maximize productivity and return on your investment.

We specialize in integrating inContact into your existing technologies via screen pops for custom applications or the browser, database integration for better reporting and tracking, and web applications.

Why use My Solutions instead of doing it yourself or having your own in house staff script it?  While the inContact platform offers a great deal of flexibility and user friendly tools to manage call flow and IVRs, there is a fairly steep learning curve in order to be able to get the most out of the scripting engine and web tools.  And of course there are numerous gotchas and best programming practices than can only be derived from experience.  We can offer you that experience and guidance right from the start.

Why use My Solutions instead of inContact’s Professional Services?  With My Solutions, you have direct access to the script writers rather than having to go through your account representative.  This means that there is less chance of important information being lost or concepts not being communicated clearly, as details come straight from your mouth to the developer’s ear.  My Solutions can also work to integrate your existing systems and data stores with inContact scripts – something Professional Services can’t do. 

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