My Solutions IT can help you choose, set up and integrate wide range of Internet and telecommunications services.  In the digital age, being able to communicate effectively across a wide number of channels and integrate them effectively into your work flow is vital.


Email is the communications lifeblood of almost every business these days.  My Solutions IT can help you

  • set up your own mail server in house,
  • start using Google Apps for Business (free for up to 10 users),
  • set up mailing lists and groups email addresses,
  • manage your web host provided email,
  • get your own email domain (eg, yourname@yourdomain,com),
  • configure your domain’s DNS records to help prevent spoofing and hijacking.

Document Sharing & Collaboration

Being able to share and edit documents among several people can be an important part of business.  Many companies wind up emailing documents around and then have one person try to edit the final version by merging all the changes – a nightmare!  Online collaboration services and software are a far better document management solution.

Google Apps for Business (free for up to 10 users) is a great way to author, collaborate and share documents online.  For a purely in-house solution, a wiki can also be an excellent resource where many users can help shape documents, knowledge bases and written procedures; TikiWiki is an excellent wiki and also offers  groupware functionality.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a communications channel that combines the best features of phone conversations and email correspondence.  IM allows for real time communication like a phone conversation but includes a recorded, searchable history and the ability to copy & paste documents, URLs, etc. such as email offers.

For self-hosted solutions, Ignite Realtime’s Openfire instant messaging server can’t be beat.  It’s especially effective when combined with their cross-platform standalone Spark IM client and Sparkweb, a web-based chat client.

PC and Web Soft Phones & Video Conferencing

Internet telephony services are getting more sophisticated all the time, and allow for real time face to face conferences – something that can make a huge difference when communicating with clients, business partners or coworkers.  My Solutions IT can help get you started with a variety of different products such as Skype, Google Talk and Google+ Hang Outs

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