My Solutions IT offers a wide variety of telephony support and services ranging from personal use to office systems to entire call center set ups.  Whatever your telephony needs, we can help you get the right equipment and services set up at the right price.

Toll Free and Virtual Local Numbers

Toll free numbers are great for reaching out to customers outside of your local area, and are relatively inexpensive.  There’s no need for complicated routing devices or software, either – they can simply be forwarded to your own land line or cell phone number.

Virtual local numbers offer the same convenience as toll free numbers do.  For a lower price than a toll free, you can have a local number for customers or clients to call in a particular locale.  And like toll free numbers, virtual local phone numbers can simply be forwarded to your own land line or cell phone number.

Mobile Devices

Choosing a carrier and service plan can be a hard enough task, much less choosing the right phone from the multitude available.  We can help you choose the right carrier, the right plan and the best mobile device for your needs as well as helping you customize your mobile device with just the right tweaks and apps.

My Solutions IT focuses on Android-based devices and low cost, no contract plans offered by companies like T-Mobile and WIND Mobile and carriers such as Verizon Wireless for quality business and international plans.

Office Systems

It used to be that having an office phone system involved costly PBX equipment and special contracts with telcos.  Not anymore!  With the advent of virtual PBX systems such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH that can run on standard PCs and servers, advanced telephony is within any sized business’ grasp.

These flexible vPBX office phone systems can be integrated with all kinds of different voice communication channels:

  • voice over IP services (VOIP),
  • plain old telephone lines (POTS or PSTN),
  • regular telephones & PC software phones (hard and soft phones),
  • mobile devices (cell phones), and
  • web based services such as Skype and Google Talk.

Any office can now have automated attendants, voice mail for departments as well as for individuals, call recording, conference calling and much, much more!  These systems can also integrate with your own customer relations management (CRM) and other software to help track incoming calls.

For individuals or small businesses in the United States, we also support the free Google Voice service for simple telephony management.

Call Center Systems

My Solutions can help you set up, manage or upgrade your call center.  Virtual PBX systems such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH are highly scalable and can be run from your own location, a colocation center (colo), or even in the cloud using services such as Amazon’s EC2.

We are experienced with both traditional centralized call centers as well as distributed/remote call center situations.  We’ll help you find providers, hook up T1s and switching equipment, run cable, set up work stations, install servers, configure your vPBX, integrate your customer and service representative management systems, script your IVRs and add smart processing behind them to ensure that callers are reaching the right people with as few button presses as possible.

My Solutions is also an inContact partner and can help your call center get up and running in just a few days with their services and products.  inContact hosts your PBX and provides you with software agents for directing calls, generating reports and creating your own IVR scripts with their drag-and-drop scripting program.  For inbound or live outbound call centers, the minimum you need to supply are phones and customer representative workstations; for entirely automated call centers, not even that much is needed.  If you need to get up and running as quickly as possible without investing too much in infrastructure, inContact is your answer! 

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