Some manufacturers or carriers may hide some settings from the end users, making life difficult if you want to do something simple like enable MTP when you connect your Android phone to your computer.  However many of these settings can still be accessed via dial codes – and the USB to PC connection mode is one of those.

Firstly, dial the code *#7284# which will bring up the “PhoneUtil” dialog. This won’t work on all phones; you may have to dial *#22745927 first to enable hidden phone menus, or your carrier/manufacturer may have simply disabled them altogether.

Android PhoneUtil Settings

At the bottom is the “Qualcomm USB Settings” button.  Click this to bring up the connection settings.

Android PhoneUtil Settings - Qualcomm USB Settings

Select the “MTP + ADB” radio button setting, click “OK” to go back to the main settings, and then click “SAVE and RESET”.  Your phone will reboot, and MTP will now be available.  Your phone may bring up a dialog the next time you plug it in to your computer asking you to confirm the MTP setting.  Just ensure that MTP is checked, and you’ll be good to go.

Android USB Computer connection dialog: MTP checked, PTP unchecked.

For Linux users, there are a few more steps to take in order to connect via USB to MTP Android devices

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