Many Canon printers make use of a specialized interface called UFR II.  However, Linux doesn’t support the (highly proprietary) UFR II interface out of the box, and Canon’s website often doesn’t list the driver download as an option for some printers such as the imageCLASS MF6590.  However, you can still download and install the drivers… if you know where to find them!

The US version of the Canon UFR II Linux drivers was 2.6.0, which was the version downloaded and tested with Linux Mint 15 + MATE and an imageCLASS MF6590.  Strangely, the Australian support site offered a 2.7.0 UFR II driver.  Being wary of breaking the system, it was deemed best to use the US 2.6.0 driver.  Surprisingly, this did not work and did not detect the fax; however, the 2.7.0 UK drivers from Canon’s Australian site did work.

The downloaded archive held both RPM and DEB installation files for both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures.  Included was cndrvcups-common_2.70-1_amd64.deb (a required package for the driver) and cndrvcups-ufr2-uk_2.70-1_amd64.deb (the actual driver).

Both installed without issue.  The printer was powered up, and Linux detected and installed the printer and fax without any user intervention.  However, if manual addition is required both the printer and fax appear in the Add Printer dialog (via Menu->Administration->Printers or the command system-config-printer) shows the Canon UFR II driver:

Canon MF6500 Series UFRII LT Linux Add Printer Dialog

A printer configuration test page printed perfectly, as did a PDF file.  A multi-page text document set to duplex print also came out perfectly on both sides of a single sheet of paper.

Scanning using Simple Scan unfortunately bombed out, with the application crashing and the printer reporting an error state.  This is possibly due to the system using Nvdia drivers, which can be problematic with some apps:

Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0".
The program 'xsane' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'.
  (Details: serial 18053 error_code 8 request_code 140 minor_code 5)

SimpleScan bombed out as well:

*** Error in `simple-scan': free(): invalid size: 0x00007f4af80253e0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

However, the commercial product VueScan worked perfectly out the box.  The automatic document feeder was detected and used to produce multi-page PDF files with no problems.  With a price tag of $39.95, this was the best solution available.


According to the driver’s README, the driver was tested on Fedora 18 32-bit/64-bit and Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop 32-bit/64-bit.  The driver should work with these printers:

Canon LBP3360 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP3360ZK.ppd)
LBP3360 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP3370 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP3370ZK.ppd)
LBP3370 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP3460 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP3460ZK.ppd)
LBP3460 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP5360 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP5360ZK.ppd)
LBP5360 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP5960 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP5960ZK.ppd)
LBP5960 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP5970/5975 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP5975ZK.ppd)
LBP5970/5975 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP6650 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP6650ZK.ppd)
LBP6650dn (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon LBP6670 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP6670ZK.ppd)
LBP6670dn (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon LBP6680/3480 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP6680ZK.ppd)
LBP6680x (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon LBP6750/3560 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP6750ZK.ppd)
LBP6750/3560 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP6780/3580 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP6780ZK.ppd)
LBP6780/3580 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP7660C UFR II (CNCUPSLBP7660CZK.ppd)
LBP7660C (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon LBP7680C/5280 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP7680CZK.ppd)
LBP7680C/5280 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon LBP7750C/5460 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP7750CZK.ppd)
LBP7750C (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LBP7780C/5480 UFR II (CNCUPSLBP7780CZK.ppd)
LBP7780C/5480 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR-ADV C2020/2030 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2030ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2020/C2030 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C2020i/2030i UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2030IZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2020i/C2030i (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C2020L/2030L UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2030LZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2020L/C2030L (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C2025 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2025ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2025 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C2220/2230 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2230ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2220/C2230 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C2225 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC2225ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2225 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C5030/5035 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC5035ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5030/C5030i/C5035/C5035i (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C5045/5051 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC5051ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5045/C5045i/C5051/C5051i (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC5240ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5235/C5235i/C5240/C5240i (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C5250/5255 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC5255ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5250/C5250i/C5255/C5255i (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C7055/7065 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC7065ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7055/C7065 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C7260/7270 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC7270ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260/C7270 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C7280 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC7280ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7280 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C9060/9070 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC9070ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9060/C9070 PRO (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C9065/9075 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC9075ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065/C9075 PRO (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV C9270/9280 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADVC9280ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9270/C9280 PRO (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 400/500 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV500ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400/500 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 4025/4035 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV4035ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4025i/4035i (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 4045/4051 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV4051ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4045i/4051i (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 6055/6065 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV6065ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6055/6055i/6065/6065i (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 6075 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV6075ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075/6075i (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV6265ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255/6265 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 6275 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV6275ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6275 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 8085/8095 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV8095ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8085/8095 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 8105 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV8105ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 8205 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV8205ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8205 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR-ADV 8285/8295 UFR II (CNCUPSIRADV8295ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8295 (BIDI: A*, IPv6: A)

Canon iR1133 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR1133ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER 1133 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR1730/1740/1750 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR1750ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER 1730/1740/1750 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2520 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2520ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER2520/2520i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2525/2530 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2530ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER2525/2525i/2530/2530i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2535/2545 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2545ZK.ppd)
imageRUNNER2535/2535i/2545/2545i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

iR105+ (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR1018/1022/1023 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR1023ZK.ppd)
iR1018/1022 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR1025ZK.ppd)
iR1020 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)
iR1024/1024A/1024F/1024i/1024iF (BIDI: -, IPv6: )

Canon iR2016 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2016ZK.ppd)
iR2016/2016i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2018 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2018ZK.ppd)
iR2018/2018i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2020 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2020ZK.ppd)
iR2020/2020i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2022/2025/2030 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2030ZK.ppd)
iR2022/2025/2030 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2230 UFR II (CNCUPSIR2230ZK.ppd)
iR2230 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2270/iR2870 UFR II (CNCUPSIR2870ZK.ppd)
iR2270/iR2870 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2318/2320 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2320ZK.ppd)
iR2318L (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)
iR2320L/2320N (BIDI: -, IPv6: )

Canon iR2420 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2420ZK.ppd)
iR2420D/2420L (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2422 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIR2422ZK.ppd)
iR2422D/2422J/2422L/2422N (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR2830 UFR II (CNCUPSIR2830ZK.ppd)
iR2830 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR3025 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3025ZK.ppd)
iR3025 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR3030 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3030ZK.ppd)
iR3030 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR3035/iR3045 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3045ZK.ppd)
iR3035/3045 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR3225 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3225ZK.ppd)
iR3225/3225N (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR3230 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3230ZK.ppd)
iR3230/3230A/3230N (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR3235/iR3245 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3245ZK.ppd)
iR3235/3235A/3235N/3245/3245A/3245N (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon iR3530 UFR II (CNCUPSIR3530ZK.ppd)
iR3530 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR3570/iR4570 UFR II (CNCUPSIR4570ZK.ppd)
iR3570/4570 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR4530 UFR II (CNCUPSIR4530ZK.ppd)
iR4530 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR5055/iR5065 UFR II (CNCUPSIR5065ZK.ppd)
iR5055/5065 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR5075 UFR II (CNCUPSIR5075ZK.ppd)
iR5075 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR5570/iR6570 UFR II (CNCUPSIR6570ZK.ppd)
iR5570/6570 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR7086-7105 UFR II (CNCUPSIR7105ZK.ppd)
iR7086/7095/7105 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR8070 UFR II (CNCUPSIR8070ZK.ppd)
iR8070 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

iR85+ (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR9070 UFR II (CNCUPSIR9070ZK.ppd)
iR9070 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iRC1021/1022 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIRC1022ZK.ppd)
iR C1021/C1021i (BIDI: A, IPv6: -)

Canon iRC1028/1030 UFRII LT (CNCUPSIRC1030ZK.ppd)
iR C1028/C1030 (BIDI: A, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C2380/2550 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC2550ZK.ppd)
iR C2380i/C2550/C2550i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C2580 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC2580ZK.ppd)
iR C2580i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C2880/C3380 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC3380ZK.ppd)
iR C2880/C2880i/C3380/C3380i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C3080/3480/3580 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC3580ZK.ppd)
iR C3080/C3080i/C3580/C3580i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C3180 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC3180ZK.ppd)
iR C3180/C3180i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR 3180C EUR UFR II (CNCUPSIR3180CZK.ppd)
iR 3180C/3180Ci (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C4080/C4580 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC4580ZK.ppd)
iR C4080/C4580 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C5180 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC5180ZK.ppd)
iR C5180 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C5185 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC5185ZK.ppd)
iR C5185 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C5870 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC5870ZK.ppd)
iR C5870 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C6870 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC6870ZK.ppd)
iR C6870 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR C5880/C6880 UFR II (CNCUPSIRC6880ZK.ppd)
iR C5880/C5880i/C6880/C6880i (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon iR 5880C/6880C EUR UFR II (CNCUPSIR6880CZK.ppd)
iR 5880C/5880Ci/6880C/6880Ci (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

imagePRESS C1 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

imagePRESS C1+ (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon L90/L160/L230 UFRII LT (CNCUPSL230ZK.ppd)
L160 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon L100/L150/L170 UFRII LT (CNCUPSL170ZK.ppd)
L150/L170 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon LC800/L3000 UFRII LT (CNCUPSLC3000ZK.ppd)
L3000 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon L190/L410 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSL410ZK.ppd)
L190/L410 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF3010 (CNCUPSMF3010ZK.ppd)
MF3010 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4010 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4010ZK.ppd)
MF4010 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4100 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4100ZK.ppd)
MF4100 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4200 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4200ZK.ppd)
MF4200 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4320-4350 (CNCUPSMF4350ZK.ppd)
MF4320-4350 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4360-4390 (CNCUPSMF4390ZK.ppd)
MF4360-4390 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4400 UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4400ZK.ppd)
MF4400 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4400w Series (CNCUPSMF4400WZK.ppd)
MF4400w (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4500 UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4500ZK.ppd)
MF4500 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4500w Series (CNCUPSMF4500WZK.ppd)
MF4500w (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4600 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4600ZK.ppd)
MF4600 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4700 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4700ZK.ppd)
MF4700 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF4800 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF4800ZK.ppd)
MF4800 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF5800 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF5800ZK.ppd)
MF5800 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF5900 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF5900ZK.ppd)
MF5900 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon D400-450 (CNCUPSD450ZK.ppd)
D400-450 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon D460-490 (CNCUPSD490ZK.ppd)
D460-490 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon D530/D560 (CNCUPSD560ZK.ppd)
D530/D560 (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon D500 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSD500ZK.ppd)
D500 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon D1100/MF6600 UFRII LT (CNCUPSD1100ZK.ppd)
D1100 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)
MF6600 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon D1300/MF6700 UFRII LT (CNCUPSD1300ZK.ppd)
D1300/MF6700 (BIDI: -, IPv6: A)

Canon MF6500 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF6500ZK.ppd)
MF6500 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF7100 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF7100ZK.ppd)
MF7100 Series (BIDI: -, IPv6: -)

Canon MF8000 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8000ZK.ppd)
MF8000 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF8000C Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8000CZK.ppd)
MF8000C (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF8200C Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8200CZK.ppd)
MF8200C (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF8300 Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8300ZK.ppd)
MF8300 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF8300C Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8300CZK.ppd)
MF8300C (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF8400 UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8400ZK.ppd)
MF8400 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: -)

Canon MF8500C Series UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF8500CZK.ppd)
MF8500C (BIDI: A, IPv6: A)

Canon MF9100/9300 UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF9300ZK.ppd)
MF9100 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: -)
MF9300 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: -)

Canon MF9200 UFRII LT (CNCUPSMF9200ZK.ppd)
MF9200 Series (BIDI: A, IPv6: -) 

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